Classic and contemporary luxury living rooms

The classic living room's furnishing was designed to grace interiors with timeless elegance. Sofas and armchairs combine comfort with superior quality materials, including prestigious woods and fine textiles for the upholstery. Brocade and floral satin.

The style of the contemporary luxury living updates classic style to the present, with beautiful inlaid or lacquered wood finishes. The sleek contemporary luxury living rooms stand out for masterful craftsmanship and the fine natural oak that gives the rooms a natural-born refinement.

Italian prestige classic luxury living-room furniture

No country in the world can manufacture prestige furniture like Italy, and Valderamobili is one of the country's leading designers. Our team of artisans is skilled in every kind of Prestige Italian living room furniture manufacturing technique, from carving to finishing, allowing us to create exactly what our customers desire.

The living room is a crucial part of anyone's home, and nothing can beat living room furniture made in Italy. We offer a stunning selection of ways to make your living room as appealing as possible. Choose from selections as diverse as the richly toned Jasmine collection or the light, airy elegance of our Casa Principe range and discover how luxury living room furniture can enhance your home.

We provide a rare blend of quality, customer service and affordability. Mixing together ancient skills with modern techniques, the artisans at Valderamobili have the ability to craft extraordinary sets of prestige Italian living room furniture. And when you are entertaining friends of having family to stay, there is no better way to display your taste and sense of style.

Italy has rightly acquired a reputation for producing luxury living room furniture of the highest quality, and our chairs, tables, sideboards, mirror frames and light fixtures continue this great tradition. So, when refitting your apartment or house, choose living room furniture made in Italy from Valderamobili.