Classic Italian Luxury Furniture From Italy

Italian craftsmen have been perfecting the art of furniture manufacturing for centuries. Nowadays, firms like Valderamobili combine the skills accumulated over generations with modern technology to create stunning items that will enhance any home.

We offer a range of different collections to suit your colour schemes and tastes. Our artisans have studied artistic styles from past eras and added their own design skills to craft exceptional combinations, allowing customers to choose exactly the right suite of furniture for them.

Our range of classic luxury furniture includes the opulent Casa Principe selection, which features richly finished wooden cabinets and gorgeous beds - providing the last word in luxury design.

Choose from the regal Lipari range which features stunning bedroom designs or go for the movie-star elegance of the Jasmine range. Whatever your desires, for classic furniture Italian artisans are unequalled, so choose a reliable Italian firm like Valderamobili and realise your interior design dreams.

We will work with you to make sure that you have the right style for your needs, both for day and night situations. From studies to bathrooms, bedrooms to living rooms, any home furnished with our assistance will look like a palace.