Classic and Contemporary Furnishing

Valderamobili's classic and contemporary furnishing collections are greatly admired for their elegant design that graces the interiors with refined style. We have been working closely with designers and buyers since 1976 to make dreams come true, helping customers find the best furnishing for every room of their homes, whether the bedroom, the living room, the study, or the bathroom. The beauty of our classic furniture gives the interiors an extra touch of distinction, and their exceptional practical features render the rooms comfortable and practical. Valderamobili's superior craftsmanship takes the long-standing Italian furniture-making tradition and pairs it with modern technology to make absolutely unique pieces in classic and contemporary style, starting with the most prestigious woods.

Classic furnishing

The classic furnishing's underlying theme is timeless elegance. Every collection springs from the perfect combination of masterful craftsmanship and extraordinary manual skill used to work the most prestigious woods. Our master furniture makers follow a quintessentially artisanal process while using sophisticated techniques, which are especially key to making classic furnishing. Elegance is the defining feature of these furnishings, adorned with gold leaf decoration, thin layers of gold leaf applied completely by hand with masterful brush strokes.

Luxury furnishings

Our luxury furnishing features versatile design solutions both for living rooms and bedrooms. A combination of forms, finishes, and materials forge original, elegant collections that enhance highly refined interiors. Prestigious maple, ash burl, and rosewood are carved and inlaid to enhance the beauty of surfaces and give distinctive flair to the style you choose for your luxury furnishings.

Burl wood furniture

Theburl wood furniture, featuring the prestige of this material, are top quality pieces of furnishings that create sophisticated interiors with an air of nobility. Burl wood, the finest material for 16th-century period furniture, heightens the pieces' beauty with its distinctive streaks, warm hues, and flame patterns, which shade from blond to deep brown.

Burl wood furniture suit an array of uses to expertly decorate every room of the home, as seen in beds, console tables, wardrobes featuring curving lines, display cabinets, tables of sheer elegance, and bathroom furnishings. The burl wood is made even more prestigious by the moldings that follow the curve of its lines, with inlays, decorations, and gilding.

Fine Italian Wood Furniture

In the world of furniture, one nation stands above all others. Italian furniture is widely recognised as the finest in the world, and Valderamobili is one of the most respected manufacturers of fine Italian wood furniture.

Since 1976, we have gained a reputation for the elegance of our designs. Working closely with each client, Valderamobili has made dreams come true for thousands of customers over the years.

Wood furniture adds distinction to interior spaces. With their aesthetic qualities, durability and strength, wooden furniture items like tables, chairs, cupboards and beds offer the most appealing option for anyone seeking to refurbish their home.

The fine Italian furniture made by Valderamobili transcends ordinary designs. Our artisans create stunningly intricate products, featuring beautifully carved shapes and dazzling finishes. We fuse the ancient traditions of Italian furniture manufacturing with modern skills and tools to create little miracles for the home, that will create pleasure whenever they are used.

In our range of furniture fine wood comes alive. We create suites of furniture for bedrooms, lounges, studies and even bathrooms. Our selection of furniture is tailored to day and night-time situations, and seeks to transform rooms into spaces of pure luxury.

fine italian wood forniture