Luxury office furniture

How about giving your office a touch of luxury with finely-crafted furnishing pieces made with luxury materials? The most practical pieces become style highlights with bookcases lining the complete wall and desks matching elegant chairs upholstered in quilted leather, with stylish bases of lacquered wood with upholsteries in fine fabrics with sophisticated patterns.

The lamps for our luxury office furnishings help create an intimate atmosphere: sconces and desk lamps feature exclusive lamp shades with bases that are gilded or in crystal and tassels, creating beauty that stands the test of time.

Italian classic wood prestige office furniture design luxury

Since 1976, Italian firm Valderamobili have been crafting elegant, restrained but beautiful items of household furniture. However, one of our finest creations is our range of Italian classic wood home office furniture.

There are few better ways to create a professional environment that will impress clients and inspire you to work as efficiently as possible than by investing in a suite of our stunning office furniture. We can assist you in furnishing an entire study, from the panels and bookcases to cabinets, lamps, chairs and desks - ensuring that every aspect of your working environment is crafted to perfection.

Our selection of luxury Italian office furniture combines the expertise of our team of skilled artisans with the best in modern technology to deliver comfort, beauty and durability. As well as being visually impressive, our Italian classic wood office furniture will last for decades, and provide a comfortable place to work.

With our help you can surround yourself with richly finished wood furnishings, or create an airy and light space with the superb Jasmine collection. Create the office space of your dreams with the help of our design team, and dealing with piles of paperwork will become more enjoyable in an instant.