Luigi XVI

Luigi XVI


A collection that reinterprets the past and tells new life stories. Transcending any trend of the moment, true style means having a vision that goes beyond, offering a unique and recognisable design.  

Becomes reality

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Craftsmanship and manual skills are at the heart of the value embodied by the Louis XVI collection. Valderamobili’s culture of wood and quest for beauty transform its furniture into unique objects with the ability to hand down and keep alive the long, deep-rooted tradition of classical furniture. We interpret the vision of classicism and prestige every day.

Types of wood

Precious finishes bring wood to life. Sophisticated and evocative shades are the unmistakable stylistic hallmark of Valderamobili design: exclusive finishes developed through cutting-edge technologies that enhance the grain and nuances of wood, embellishing every surface. The veneers are combined with marble, metal and fabrics. Original and exclusive combinations enhance the design and respond to precise technical and aesthetic objectives.



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