Mascari Evolution Sideboard

Mascari Evolution Sideboard

Mascari Evolution

In the contemporary design landscape, Valderamobili reaffirms itself as a reference point in innovation and excellence by introducing Mascari Evolution: an exclusive series of creations born from the vision of Marzia Rizzato, embodying the elegance, superior quality, and uniqueness of the brand.

Mascari Evolution, the result of constant research and development, offers pieces with a minimalist and flexible character, ideal for adapting to a modern lifestyle and in line with the needs of the most sophisticated audience.

The design of Mascari Evolution stands out for the skillful use of shapes and geometries that enhance both the functionality and elegance of the product. The sideboard, the first introduced piece, is the perfect example of this philosophy. It features essential yet personality-rich lines, where textured surfaces blend with metallic elements and plays of light, creating an extraordinary visual effect. Details that not only enrich the aesthetics but also contribute to creating a unique sensory experience.

With Mascari Evolution, Valderamobili continues to establish itself as a leader in the contemporary furniture design sector, providing solutions that meet functional needs while simultaneously serving as a spokesperson for an artistic expression capable of enhancing any environment.

An emotional journey through unique shapes, colors, and details. Crafted with premium materials, featuring a laminated wood structure and outer surfaces finished with patinated metallic paint, this creation expertly blends elegance and Italian craftsmanship. Available in three sizes, with the option to incorporate LED lighting, it seamlessly adapts to any space, enriching it with its innovative and creative essence.

4-door sideboard3-door sideboard2-door sideboard
L. 2400 mmL. 1880 mmL. 1200 mm
P. 550 mmP. 550 mmP. 550 mm
H. 870 mmH. 870 mmH. 870 mm
Innovative and creative soul
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